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Arthur Timothy Read is the titular protagonist of both the book series and the PBS children's television series Arthur, created by Marc Brown. In the series, he is an 8-year-old anthropomorphic aardvark in Mr. Ratburn's third grade class and lives in the fictional city of Elwood City. Physical appearance Arthur is an anthropomorphic aardvark In Brown's first Arthur book, Arthur's Nose (1976), Arthur is shown with a long nose and resembles an actual aardvark, though as the books progressed (as seen in the first season of Reading Rainbow in its 13th episode, Arthur's Eyes) and eventually became a animated TV series, a noticeable, simplified version of Arthur took shape. The character's most recognizable form is a light brown, slanted face with small ears, drawn as a bipedal, pre-pubescent youth with signature round glasses. On more than one occasion, Arthur's classmates tease him for his glasses and somewhat 'dorky' attire. Arthur's relationships = Family =The tensions between Arthur and his 4-year-old sister, Dora Winifred 'D. W. ' Read, are a common theme in the Arthur series. Arthur is constantly pestered by D. W., and she usually tries to get Arthur into trouble, which occasionally causes Arthur to retaliate. Despite that, Arthur tries his best to ignore D. W. 's annoying antics most of the time and often does her favors - sometimes at his parents' request and against his will. D. W. also makes frequent attempts to hang out with Arthur's friends.
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