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The heart symbol is an ideograph used to express the idea of the 'heart' in its metaphorical or symbolic sense. Represented by an anatomically inaccurate shape, the heart symbol is often used to represent the center of emotion, including affection and love, especially romantic love. It is sometimes accompanied or superseded by the 'wounded heart' symbol, depicted as a heart symbol pierced with an arrow or as a heart symbol 'broken' into two or more pieces, indicating lovesickness. = Origins =Heart-shaped peepal leaves were used in artistic depictions of the Indus Valley Civilisation: a heart pendant originated from there has been discovered and is now exhibited in the Delhi national museum. In the 5th-6th century BC, the heart shape was used to represent the heart-shaped fruit of the plant silphium, a plant possibly used as a contraceptive. Many species in the parsley family have estrogenic properties, and some, such as wild carrot, were used to induce abortion. Silver coins from Cyrene of the 5th-6th BC bear a similar design, sometimes accompanied by a silphium plant and is understood to represent its seed or fruit. = Earliest use =The combination of the heart shape and its use within the heart metaphor was developed in the end of the Middle Ages, although the shape has been used in many ancient epigraphy monuments and texts. With possible early examples or direct predecessors in the 13th to 14th century, the familiar symbol of the heart representing love developed in the 15th century, and became popular in Europe during the 16th. Before the 14th century, the heart shape was not associated with the meaning of the heart metaphor. The geometric shape itself is found in much earlier sources, but in such instances does not depict a heart, but typically foliage: in examples from antiquity fig leaves, and in medieval iconography and heraldry typically the leaves of ivy and of the water-lily.
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