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If My Heart Had Wings is an eroge visual novel video game developed by Pulltop. It was released in Japan in 2012, and internationally by MoeNovel in 2013 without the sexual content. Plot The game focuses on Aoi who, having lost his direction in life, returns to his hometown of Kazegaura where a gentle breeze blows through the streets. On the hill lined with windmills, he meets a wheelchair-ridden girl named Kotori and together they watch a glider overhead in awe. With his childhood friend Ageha in town, and the super-repeat student Amane, they restore the soaring club in order to fulfill a dream: to soar in the skies. The central theme of the story is loss, both physical and emotional. Characters = Main characters =Aoi Minase ( , Minase Aoi)Voiced by: Yotsuya Cider (drama CD only)Aoi Minase is the main protagonist. Following a cycling accident, he moves back to his home town of Kazegaura, where his mother has arranged for him to become the manager of Flying Fish Manor, a girls' dormitory. Kotori Habane ( , Habane Kotori)Voiced by: Hoshizaki IriaKotori is the main heroine of the visual novel. She has long, dark hair, and is considered to be beautiful, despite her somewhat childish personality. Following an accident that left her paralysed from the waist down, she transferred to Keifuu Academy.
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