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Arm wrestling (also written as armwrestling) is a contest between two opponents facing each other with their bent elbows placed on a table and hands firmly gripped then attempt to force the opponent's hand down to the table top. In the early years different names were interchangeably used to describe the same sport: 'arm turning', 'arm twisting', 'arm wrestling', 'Indian arm wrestling', 'twisting wrists', 'wrist turning', 'wrist wrestling'. Description = Types =Various factors can play a part in one's success in arm wrestling, technique and overall arm strength being the two greatest contributing factors. Other considerations such as the length of an arm wrestler's arm, muscle and arm mass/density, hand grip size, wrist endurance and flexibility, reaction time, and other traits can lend advantages of one arm wrestler over another. The sport sometimes is used to demonstrate the stronger person between two or more people. In competitive arm wrestling, a match is conducted with both competitors standing up with arms placed on a tournament arm wrestling table. Arm wrestling tournaments may also be divided along weight classes as well as left and right-handed divisions. There are also rules governing fouls and imposition of penalties, such as when a competitor's elbow leaves a mat where the elbow is meant to remain at all times, when a false start occurs, and attempting to escape arm pinning by breaking the grip with the opponent which may result in a loss. Paraphrasing USAF rules, arm wrestlers must straighten their wrists with less than a one-minute time lapse during competition. armwrestlingstand-up armwrestlingsit-down armwrestlingwristwrestlingstand-up wristwrestlingsit-down wristwrestling Tournaments Organized arm wrestling tournaments arose in the 1950s, while the Worlds Wristwrestling Championship, Inc.
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