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A manger or trough is a rack for fodder, or a structure or feeder used to hold food for animals. The word comes from the Old French mangier (meaning 'to eat'), from Latin mandere (meaning 'to chew'). Mangers are mostly used in livestock raising and generally found at stables and farmhouses. They are also used to feed wild animals, e. g., in nature reserves. A similar trough providing drinking water for domestic or non-domestic animals is a watering trough and may be part of a larger watering structure called abreuvoir. Christian symbol In the Old Testament of the Bible, a manger was used to place the best lambs for sacrifice. The lambs were swaddled and placed in the manger so they would be calm and unblemished to therefore be used in sacrifice. Jesus was born in a place used for birthing sacrificial lambs. The male lambs born in that place, and others like it in the Bethlehem area, were to be used exclusively in the temple. They were set aside to be the tamil, or the morning sacrifices which began each day. They were also used for the burnt offerings.
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