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The S. S. Lazio fans are supporters of Italian football club Lazio. = The beginning =The history of organized fan groups of S. S. Lazio, known in Italian as the Tifoseria Laziale, began in the late 1960s when small groups of supporters filled the steps of Stadio Olimpico in Rome. They belonged to different groups which were Tuparamos, Eagles, Ultras, Vigilantes, NAB, CAST and Marines, the latter consisting mostly of younger fans. = The foundation of Eagles Supporters =The early groups were not united and so in 1971, the first major ultras group was formed: Commandos Monteverde Lazio, also known as C. M. L. '74. In October 1976, a new club was formed in order to unify the supporters from the north to south stands under the temporary name G. A. B. A. (Gruppi Associati Bianco Azzurri). They decide to rename the group in Eagles' Supporters: the inspiration came from a member of the Brigate Giallobl├╣, the main Hellas Verona F. C. ultras group, who usually write 'Hellas Supporters' on his letters. The 1st October 1978 during Lazio vs Juventus, in the first round of the 1978-79 Serie A, the Eagles' Supporters exposed their 56 meters banner in Curva Nord for the first time. = From 1978 to 1987 =In 1978, a group called VIKING Lazio was formed, and took their place in the Curva Sud. In this same year, the Eagles Supporters, who originally began in the south stands, made their way to Curva Nord, which became the main Lazio terrace. Other small groups followed the Eagles besides Viking.
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