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Jeter is the last name of:Bob Jeter (1937 - 2008), American football player, brother of Tony JeterCarmelita Jeter, American athleteClaude Jeter, American gospel singerDerek Jeter, American baseball playerGary Jeter, American football playerHal Jeter, American basketball playerHenry N. Jeter, American Baptist ministerJohnny Jeter (baseball), American baseball playerJohnny Jeter, professional wrestlerK. W. Jeter, American authorMichael Jeter (1952 - 2003), American actorPooh Jeter, American basketball playerRob Jeter, American basketball coach, son of Bob JeterShawn Jeter, American baseball playerTom Jeter, fictional character on Studio 60 on the Sunset StripTony Jeter, American football player, brother of Bob JeterWilliam T. Jeter, Lt. Gov.
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