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Ocean Ramsey is an American freediver and model. She operates One Ocean Diving, LLC in Hawaii, a company which facilitates dives with marine life. She gained international media attention for free diving with sharks, including great white sharks, to bring attention to shark conservation. Ramsey is based in Hawaii, and has dived with 47 species of sharks around the world as of 2019. While studying tiger sharks in Oahu with a film crew, they encountered a 20 ft (6. 1 m) long female great white shark, known as Deep Blue. The encounter was captured by Ramseys fianc, Juan Oliphant, and the footage received worldwide media attention. While she has been praised for raising awareness of the species, she has been criticized for her actions in the footage. Marine biologist Michael Domeier, founding director of the non-profit Marine Conservation Science Institute, criticized Ramsey for appearing in the viral shark interaction video.
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