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A variety of eating utensils have been used by people to aid eating when dining. Most societies traditionally use bowls or dishes to contain food to be eaten, but while some use their hands to deliver this food to their mouths, others have developed specific tools for the purpose. In Western cultures, cutlery items such as knives and forks are the traditional norm, while in much of the East, chopsticks are more common. Spoons are ubiquitous. In some cultures, such as Ethiopian and Indian, hands alone are used or bread takes the place of non-edible utensils. In others, such as Japanese and Chinese, where bowls of food are more often raised to the mouth, little modification from the basic pair of chopsticks and a spoon has taken place. Western culture has taken the development and specialization of eating utensils further, with the result that multiple utensils may appear in a dining setting, each with a different name and purpose. With the evolution of people's eating habits, further modification continues to take place, mostly in the West. List of utensil types Spoon List of types of spoonsFork Western/Southeast Asian utensilsKnifeChopsticks east/southeast Asian utensilSkewerTongsToothpickCocktail stickDrinking strawCutlery A set of Western utensils: usually knife, fork and spoonSujeo A paired set of Korean utensils: a spoon and chopsticks= Utensils for specific foods =Some utensils are designed for eating or preparing specific foods:Butter knifeCake forkSoup spoonCrab crackerCrab forkFish knifeFondue forkGrapefruit knifeGrapefruit spoonLobster pickSnail tongs and forksNutcrackerIce cream scoopTongs for:SugarAsparagusHoney dipperMeat claws (used to shred bar-b-cue meats such as brisket)= Combination utensils =Over time, traditional utensils have been modified in various ways in attempts to make eating more convenient or to reduce the total number of utensils required. Chopfork A utensil with a fork at one end and chopsticks/tongs at the other.
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