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A home appliance, also referred to as a domestic appliance, an electric appliance or a household appliance, is a machine which assists in household functions such as cooking, cleaning and food preservation. Appliances are divided into three types:small appliances,major appliances, or white goods,and consumer electronics, or brown goods. This categorization is reflected in the maintenance and repair of these types of products. Brown goods typically require high technical knowledge and skills (which get more complex with time, such as going from a soldering iron to a hot-air soldering station), while white goods may need more practical skills and force to manipulate the devices and heavy tools required to repair them. Definition Given a broad usage, the domestic application attached to home appliance is tied to the definition of appliance as 'an instrument or device designed for a particular use or function'. More specifically, Collins English Dictionary defines 'home appliance' as: 'devices or machines, usually electrical, that are in your home and which you use to do jobs such as cleaning or cooking'. The broad usage, afforded to the definition allows for nearly any device intended for domestic use to be a home appliance, including consumer electronics as well as stoves, refrigerators, toasters and air conditioners. While many appliances have existed for centuries, the self-contained electric or gas powered appliances are a uniquely American innovation that emerged in the twentieth century. The development of these appliances is tied to the disappearance of full-time domestic servants and the desire to reduce the time-consuming activities in pursuit of more recreational time. In the early 1900s, electric and gas appliances included washing machines, water heaters, refrigerators, kettles and sewing machines. The invention of Earl Richardson's small electric clothes iron in 1903 gave a small initial boost to the home appliance industry.
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