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Devil Face, Angel Heart is a 2002 thriller film directed by Billy Chung. Plot The movie begins as Long (Daniel Wu), born with a disfigured face, and his brother Kwan work as assassins for the notorious Hong Kong triad leader, 'Dragon. ' Dragon is involved in drugs, fire arms, prostitution, human trafficking and many more crimes. Every night he is at his mansion, Wendy (Gigi Lai), his girlfriend, must be waiting for him in his bedroom. Dragon would sexually torture Wendy in the room. Everytime, Wendy would walk up to Long, bruised up from her boyfriend. Long told her not to look at him because he was afraid that his face will scare her. However, Wendy told him that the man that she sleeps with every night is a hundred times scarier. Wendy also warned Long to leave Dragon with his brother when they still have a chance. Long refused but instead, promised Wendy to kill Dragon during his business trip to Taiwan. Wendy told them that she will tell her uncle to bring them back to Hong Kong if they succeed.
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