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A box (plural: boxes) is a container used for the storage or transportation of its contents. Most boxes have flat, parallel, rectangular sides. Boxes can be very small (like a matchbox) or very large (like a shipping box for furniture), and can be used for a variety of purposes from functional to decorative. Boxes may be made of a variety of materials, both durable, such as wood and metal, and non-durable, such as corrugated fiberboard and paperboard. Corrugated metal boxes are commonly used as shipping containers. Most commonly, boxes have flat, parallel, rectangular sides, making them rectangular prisms, but boxes may also have other shapes. Boxes may be closed and shut with flaps, doors, glue or a separate lid. They can be secured shut with adhesives, tapes, or more decorative or elaborately functional mechanisms, such as a catch, clasp or lock. Types of box = Packaging box =Several types of boxes are used in packaging and storage. A Corrugated boxes is a shipping container made from corrugated fiberboard, most commonly used to transport products from a warehouse during distribution.
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