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A blood bank is a center where blood gathered as a result of blood donation is stored and preserved for later use in blood transfusion. The term 'blood bank' typically refers to a division of a hospital where the storage of blood product occurs and where proper testing is performed (to reduce the risk of transfusion related adverse events). However, it sometimes refers to a collection center, and some hospitals also perform collection. Blood banking includes tasks related to blood collection, processing, testing, separation, and storage. For blood donation agencies in various countries, see List of blood donation agencies and List of blood donation agencies in the United States. Types of blood transfused Several types of blood transfusion exist:Whole blood, which is blood transfused without separation. Red blood cells or packed cells is transfused to patients with anemia/iron deficiency. It also helps to improve the oxygen saturation in blood. It can be stored at 1. 0 C-6. 0 C for 3545 days. Platelet transfusion is transfused to those who suffer from low platelet count.
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