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A white wedding is a traditional formal or semi-formal wedding originating in Great Britain. The term originates from the white colour of the wedding dress, which first became popular with Victorian era elites after Queen Victoria wore a white lace dress at her wedding. The white wedding style was given another significant boost in 1981, when three-quarter billion peopleone out of six people around the globewatched Charles, Prince of Wales marry Diana Spencer in her elaborate white taffeta dress with a 25-foot-long train. This wedding is generally considered the most influential white wedding of the 20th century. Many weddings are religious events. Therefore, the influence of religion is significant. The white wedding in Europe and the United States, which has become mainstream worldwide, is deeply related to Christian values. The term now also encapsulates the entire Western wedding routine, especially in the Christian religious tradition, which generally includes a church service during which the marriage begins, followed by a reception. White is a color of purity in the Christian faith and is meant to represent the brides, pure heart. Western culture has long followed the tradition of wearing white on one's wedding day. It continues to be prevalent amongst contemporary brides and as Wedding Wire, a wedding company reports, about 85 percent of brides still choose to wear a white wedding dress because in its typical fashion, it has remained steady through the years. In 2018, about 83% of brides in the United States wore white dresses on their big day, according to a survey by Brides Magazine.
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