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A wedding ring or wedding band is a finger ring that indicates that its wearer is married. It is usually forged from metal, and traditionally is forged of gold or another precious metal. Rings were used in ancient Rome during marriage, though the modern practice of exchanging rings during weddings has a Christian origin. Depending on the culture, a wedding ring is typically worn on the base of the left or right ring finger, if the wearer is left handed often it will go onto the right hand. Many spouses wear their wedding rings day and night, causing an indentation in the skin that is visible even when the ring is removed. The Western traditions of wedding rings can be traced to ancient Rome and Greece, and were first associated with the marital dowry and later with a promise of fidelity. The modern exchange of rings derived from the customs of Europe in the Middle Ages as part of Christendom. = Historical styles = Gimmel rings During the 16th and 17th centuries, European husbands bestowed a gimmel ring upon their wives. Similar to the puzzle ring, the gimmel ring consisted of two interlocking bands. The bride and groom both wore one of these bands after their engagement, and the two bands were reunited during the wedding ceremony. Subsequently, the wife wore the combined ring. Poesy rings The poesy ring was a style of ring that was popular during the Renaissance era.
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