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Neon color spreading (also referred to as neon-like color spreading) is an optical illusion in the category of transparency effects, characterized by fluid borders between the edges of a colored object and the background in the presence of black lines. The illusion was first documented in 1971 and was eventually rediscovered in 1975 by Van Tuijl. 'Neon' references a neon tube and the bright colors that appear within one. 'Color spreading' references how the colors seem to spread out from the center of the colored portion of the object. Neon color spreading is similar to the watercolor illusion, though the two are not to be confused with one another as they are produced in different ways. Causes The exact causes of the neon color spreading illusion are not known. It seems to occur most often when black lines are substituted with colored lines on a white background. One theory as to why this happens is that the simultaneous stimulation between the visual processing of lines and the color receptors in the eyes are not congruent. For this reasoning to work neon effects would only be possible if all black lines and colored lines were in contact, however there are illusions where this is not the case. Another theory about the illusion is that it occurs due to aberrations of perceptual mechanisms. If this were the case, the effect would not require such specific conditions to occur and would often be perceived when viewing colors under normal conditions.
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