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PogChamp is an emote used on the streaming platform Twitch intended to express excitement, joy or shock. The image used to show the streamer Ryan 'Gootecks' Gutierrez with a surprised or shocked expression. The original emoticon originates from a video uploaded to YouTube on November 26, 2010, which displays behind-the-scenes footage posted on Gutierrez's YouTube channel 'Cross Counter TV'. The original emote was added to Twitch's pool of global emotes in 2012, and removed by Twitch on January 6, 2021 following comments from Gutierrez on his Twitter page supporting civil unrest during the 2021 storming of the United States Capitol. Twitch responded to calls to bring the emote back by adding a unique face every 24 hours, each using the same or similar expression, and eventually allowed viewers to vote on one of these faces to become the permanent replacement during what they called 'The PogChampening'. Ryan Gutierrez was initially reluctant to allow Twitch to use his likeness for the original PogChamp emote, but soon made a deal to allow its use for between US$50, 000 and US$100, 000 and undisclosed additional concessions. The emote, like others on Twitch, is displayed at a very small size of 56 by 56 pixels. PC Gamer described the PogChamp emote as 'one of the most ubiquitous emotes in Twitch history [... ] used to react to decisive moments', while Kotaku stated it '[indicated] surprise and hype'. CNN describes the use of PogChamp as a gamer's expression for excitement, expanding the use of the PogChamp emote to the word PogChamp and its variants 'Pog' and 'Poggers' to describe 'particularly awesome' moments. Emotes in general have been reported by CNN to be popularly used 'ad nauseum [sic]' during moments while gamer activity is livestreamed. Given the long history of the use of the PogChamp emote and its variants, Twitch acknowledges the impact of PogChamp's role in shaping the culture of its streaming services. Etymology The term 'PogChamp' refers to a 2011 promotional video called 'Pogs Championship' by Gutierrez, in which he wins a game of Pogs.
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