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A giant pumpkin is an orange fruit of the squash Cucurbita maxima, commonly weighing from 150 pounds (68 kg) to over 2, 000 pounds (910 kg). Growing giant pumpkins emerged out of the North American agricultural tradition. The Smithsonian notes that 'improbably', giant pumpkins trace themselves to Henry David Thoreau, who in 1857 grew a pumpkin weighing 123 lb (56 kg), which he detailed in his unfinished work Wild Fruits. The first competition giant pumpkins were grown by William Warnock of Ontario, Canada. His first record was 365 lb (166 kg), measured at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. In 1900, Warnock's 400 lb (180 kg) pumpkin was exhibited at the Paris World's Fair, and won a bronze medal. He beat his own record four years later, and began to provide advice to other growers on how to achieve large pumpkin yields. Warnock's record stood for some 70 years before a pumpkin growing renaissance emerged, and records were quickly shattered. Growing giant pumpkins remains a mostly North American pursuit, especially in the Northeastern United States, although several recent record holders have been European. Giant pumpkin growing has inspired numerous related activities, including giant pumpkin boat races, and pumpkin chucking. Giant pumpkins are often exhibited at county fairs and related exhibitions.
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