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A. D. Police: To Protect and Serve (, Adobansudo Porisu) is a Japanese animated television series set in the Bubblegum Crisis universe. A. D. Police began as a three-part OVA series seen as a prequel to the Bubblegum series that was called A. D. Police Files released in 1990. Nine years later the production team decided to use the world view/ background of the original A. D. Police and fleshed it out a bit more, making an animated series consisting of 12 30-minute episodes. By updating the storyline as well as adding more updated elements of reality that have to do with the coming of the new millennium, the makers of the new A. D. Police series sought to create a series that surpassed its predecessor. In the not-too-distant future VOOMERS (VOodoo Organic Metal Extension Resource), robots manufactured by the Genom Corporation, take care of most of the manual labor in Genom City. Recently the VOOMERS have been malfunctioning and becoming BOOMERS, crazed robots who are often involved in many violent and criminal activities. This is when the A. D. Police comes into play. They are Genom City's anti-robot crime division, specially trained to deal with VOOMER-related situations. Kenji Sasaki is one of the A. D. Police's most skilled officers. His biggest problem is that he doesn't follow orders and his partners either end up getting killed or seriously injured.
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