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The action of jumping is central to several sports and activities. Some sports are based almost exclusively on the ability to jump, such as high jump in track and field, whereas in other sports the act of jumping is one of multiple athletic abilities used in the sport, such as basketball. Track and field High jump, in which athletes jump over horizontal bars. Long jump, where the objective is to leap horizontally as far as possible. Pole vault, in which a person uses a long, flexible pole as an aid to jump over a bar. Triple jump, the objective is to leap horizontally as far as possible, in a series of three jumps Sports American footballAssociation football ('soccer' in U. S. and Canada)Australian Rules footballBadmintonBasketballBossaballCheerleadingDancingDiving - Jumping into waterFigure skating - Artistic/sporting ice skatingGymnasticsJump ropeMartial artsNetball - Similar to basketballParkour - Urban jumping and climbingRacquetballRugbySkateboardingSkiingSki jumpingSquashSwimmingTable tennisTeam HandballTennisTrampoliningUltimate - Frisbee competitionVolleyballJumping Jack - A calisthenic exerciseSWIMMING Animal sports Dog agility, in which a dog traverses various obstacles, including jumps. Show jumping and Eventing, competitions where a horse jumps over fences. Rabbit show jumpingFox hunting, in which horses and fox hounds jump over fences and other obstacles.
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