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An ice cream cone, poke (Scotland) or cornet (Ireland/England) is a brittle, cone-shaped pastry, usually made of a wafer similar in texture to a waffle, made so ice cream can be carried and eaten without a bowl or spoon. Types of ice cream cones include wafer cones (or cake cones), waffle cones, and sugar cones. Many styles of cones are made, including pretzel cones and chocolate-coated cones (coated on the inside). The term ice cream cone can also refer, informally, to the cone with one or more scoops of ice cream on top. There are two techniques for making cones: one is by baking them flat then quickly rolling them into shape (before they harden), the other is by baking them inside a cone-shaped mold. Types Waffle cones are brown, brittle and sugary. They are baked flat and rolled up, which leaves the opening teardrop-shaped and rough-looking. A waffle bowl is a treat made from the same batter but shaped to have a broad, flat bottom. Sugar cones are sturdier and, despite the name, they have less sugar than waffle cones. They are baked flat in a shape that, when rolled into a cone, keeps the opening round and neat.
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