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A boxing ring, often referred to simply as a ring or the squared circle, is the space in which a boxing match occurs. A modern ring consists of a square raised platform with a post at each corner. Four ropes are attached to the posts and pulled parallel under tension with turnbuckles to form the boundary of the competition area. Construction As there are a number of professional boxing organizations, the standards of construction vary. A standard ring is between 16 and 24 feet (4. 9 and 7. 3 m) to a side between the ropes with another 2 feet (0. 61 m) outside. The platform of the ring is generally 3 to 4 feet (0. 91 to 1. 22 m) from the ground and is covered by about 1 inch (25 mm) of padding topped by stretched canvas. The ropes are approximately 1 inch (25 mm) in diameter and at heights of 18, 30, 42, and 54 inches (. 46,. 76, 1. 07, and 1. 37 m) above the mat, held up on posts rising around 5 feet (1. 5 m) above the mat. The ropes are attached together with spacers that prevent them from spreading too far apart. Construction of the ring environment extends to maximization of lighting in the ring, minimization of heat of the lighting, and a complete as possible cut-off of illumination at the ringside. Construction differs from the similar wrestling ring. A wrestling ring sports only three ropes (which may be sheathed steel cable) and is constructed to provide a more flexible mat surface than a boxing ring.
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