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Smiley Smile is the 12th studio album by American rock band the Beach Boys, released on September 18, 1967. It reached number 9 on UK record charts, but sold poorly in the US, peaking at number 41the band's lowest chart placement to that point. Critics and fans generally received the album and its lead single, 'Heroes and Villains', with confusion and disappointment. 'Good Vibrations' and 'Gettin' Hungry' were also released as singles, but the former was issued a year earlier, while the latter was not credited to the band. Conceived as a simplified version of their then-forthcoming album Smile, Smiley Smile contrasts significantly with its stripped-down approach and lo-fi production. Following principal songwriter Brian Wilson's declaration that most of the original Smile tapes would be abandoned, the majority of recording sessions lasted for only six weeks at his makeshift home studio using what was predominantly radio broadcasting equipment, a detuned piano, electronic bass, melodica, found objects for percussion, and a Baldwin theater organ. The unconventional recording process juxtaposed an experimental party-like atmosphere with short pieces of music edited together in a disjointed manner, combining the engineering methods of 'Good Vibrations' with the loose feeling of Beach Boys' Party! (1965). From late 1966 to mid-1967, Smile was repeatedly delayed while the Beach Boys were subject to a considerable level of media hype that proclaimed Wilson as a 'genius'. After settling payment disputes with Capitol Records, Smiley Smile was distributed in collaboration with Brother Records, the band's new self-owned record company.
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