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This is a list of comic books featuring Superman and related characters. Ongoing titles featuring Superman in a starring role = Action Comics =Action Comics began in 1938. Action Comics #1 featured the introduction of Superman. Thirteen Annuals have also been published between 1987 and 2011 (19871997 and 20072011). Issue #0 (October 1994) was published between issues #703 and 704 during the Zero Hour: Crisis in Time! crossover event and issue #1, 000, 000 (November 1998) was published between #748 and 749 during the 'DC One Million' crossover event. In all, 906 issues (904 regulars, plus one #0 issue and one #1, 000, 000 issue) of Action Comics were published before The New 52's relaunch of the title in September 2011. Action Comics (vol. 2) started at #1 and ended in issue #52 in May 2016, with three Annuals. In June 2016, DC again relaunched the title with DC Rebirth.
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