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The eastern brown snake (Pseudonaia textilis), often referred to as the common brown snake, is a species of highly venomous snake in the family Elapidae. The species is native to eastern and central Australia and southern New Guinea. It was first described by Andr Marie Constant Dumril, Gabriel Bibron, and Auguste Dumril in 1854. The adult eastern brown snake has a slender build and can grow to 2 m (6. 6 ft) in length. The colour of its surface ranges from pale brown to black, while its underside is pale cream-yellow, often with orange or grey splotches. The eastern brown snake is found in most habitats except dense forests. They are found often in farmland and on the outskirts of urban areas, as such places are populated by their main prey, the house mouse. The species is oviparous. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) classifies the snake as a least-concern species, though its status in New Guinea is unclear. Considered the world's second-most venomous land snake after the inland taipan (Oxyuranus microlepidotus), based on its LD50 value (subcutaneous) in mice, it is responsible for about 60% of human snake-bite deaths in Australia.
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