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Blisstina Utonium, better known by the nickname Bliss, is a fictional character created for the 2016 series The Powerpuff Girls and made her first appearance in the five-part television movie The Power of Four, which was released in 2017. The character was introduced as the older sister to the three original Powerpuff Girls, having been absent during all their lives because of running away when she lost control of her powers. She is portrayed as a teenager, being much taller and having wider hips than the other Powerpuff Girls, and she also has darker skin. The character has been widely interpreted as being black and to a lesser degree Hispanic. She is marketed as the fourth Powerpuff Girl and was met with mixed reactions from fans and critics. Creation = Characterization == Design =Bliss is taller and has a more developed body than the three younger Powerpuff Girls, with brown skin that is shades darker than would be described as a common tan, purple eyes, and cyan hair. Her dress is purple to match her eyes, much like her three sisters with their own signature color. In difference to the other girls, her leggings do not reach all the way down to her feet, courtesy of her being wider and taller. She also has a dark blue plastic headband (a so-called 'alice band') that none of the others wear, featuring a fuchsia pink heart. = Voice actors =The character had a total of five English voice actors for different regions and fifteen overall for the film's original airing. In the American version, Olivia Olson, who is widely known as the voice of Marceline the Vampire Queen in Adventure Time, voiced the character.
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