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Psathyrella candolleana is mushroom in the family Psathyrellaceae. It is commonly found growing in small groups around stumps and tree roots on lawns and pastures in Europe and North America. In 2014, it was reported from Iraq. The coloring varies between white and golden brown. The cap is tan when young, growing to 28 cm (13 in) in diameter, initially conical, later becoming rounded and finally with upturned margins in maturity. The cap margin is irregular and radially asymmetricala defining characteristic of this species. It can retain veil fragments on the edge and center. The white stalk is 410 cm (1. 54 in) tall and 37 mm wide. The spore print is purple-brown, while spores are smooth and elliptical, measuring 6. 58 by 45 m. The specific epithet candolleana honors Swiss botanist Augustin Pyramus de Candolle. While it is edible and may have a good flavor, it is not recommended due to its thin flesh, alleged poor culinary value and consistency, as well as difficulty in identification. One similar species is Psathyrella gracilis.
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