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The Coton de Tuléar is a breed of small dog named for the city of Tuléar (also known as Toliara) in Madagascar. This breed is thought to have originated from a group of small white dogs that swam across the Malagasy channel following a shipwreck. Known for its cotton-like coat, the Coton de Tuléar, typically grows to no more than 18 pounds (8. 2 kg), and are white, sometimes with gray, black, or tri-colored markings. The Coton de Tuléar Day is celebrated on November 26th. Description = Appearance =Multiple registries with differing standards describe the Coton de Tuléar, but it generally has very soft voluptuous hair (as opposed to fur), comparable to a cotton ball (hence its name in French, coton meaning cotton), a prominent black nose, large expressive eyes (usually covered by bangs), and somewhat short legs. The Coton de Tuléar's tail should curl over its back. Coat and color The Coton de Tuléar has a medium-to-long, fluffy, cotton-like coat that is considered hair rather than fur. It is a non-shedding breed with low dander and is considered hypoallergenic. When it is a puppy, it may shed its puppy coat. Like the poodles, Maltese or the Havanese, this breed has very low allergic effects.
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