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Luke Wessman is an American tattoo artist and designer. He was featured on the TLC reality shows Miami Ink and NY Ink. Early life Wessman was born on a communal farm in Tennessee where his parents had been living and working as part of a hippie community. Shortly after he was born, his family hitchhiked across America and settled in Oceanside, California, where Luke grew up. Career Wessman received his first tattoo when he was sixteen-years-old from a family friend tattooing out of his house. He continued to acquire tattoos and eventually befriended a group of tattooers who had opened a shop named About Face Tattoo. It was the only shop in town because tattooing had been outlawed in San Diego County in the decades prior. Wessman began to learn a variety of tattoo styles at the shop, where the clientele included sailors, pimps, and prostitutes. One of the About Face Tattoo artists, Milford Barnes, moved to Lucky's Tattoo Parlor, a well-known shop in San Diego, CA, owned and operated by Dave Gibson, and Wessman followed him there to begin an unofficial apprenticeship. At the time, Wessman was working as an electrician.
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