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Mark Marderosian (born 1955) is a prolific cartoonist, animator and children's book illustrator, a comic book artist and noted toy designer. Biography = Early Life and Career =Born in Cambridge, Marderosian grew up in Newton, Massachusetts. He started drawing when he was seven years old, inspired after his parents took him to see Pinocchio. After high school, Marderosian worked for advertising agencies and an art supply company, where he prepared paste-ups and mechanicals for catalogs. During this time, he also drew cartoons and comic strips, and freelanced for various magazines. In 1979, Marderosian enrolled at Massachusetts College of Art, where he earned a Bachelors Degree in illustration. Mark Marderosian created the Delta Tenn comic books for Paul Howley's Entertainment Publishing in 198788. He also worked with Howley on the design of a set of Classic Toys Trading Cards around the same time. = Disney Years =After an early-career rejection, Marderosian 'finally [got] his foot in the Disney door in 1990, ' working on merchandise related to Jessica Rabbit. Over the course of his career, Marderosian has gone on to illustrate several dozen movie and television tie-in books for Disney, as well as for Golden Books.
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