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Gordon 'ALF' Shumway is the protagonist and title character of the American television series ALF, and its animated spin-offs, ALF: The Animated Series, and ALF Tales. ALF also starred in the poorly received television film Project ALF, and hosted the short lived talk show ALF's Hit Talk Show. The name 'ALF' is short for 'Alien Life Form'. Paul Fusco created and puppetered ALF, and he also provides the voice for the character in ALF: The Animated Series, ALF Tales and Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue. In ALF, Lisa Buckley and Bob Fappiano assisted Fusco with puppeteering ALF. During the first season of ALF, Michu Meszaros occasionally wore a full costume when full body shots were needed of the character. Since ALF, the character has appeared in various other media, including television series, comic books, and video games. Concept and creation Paul Fusco created the character in 1984 using an alien-looking puppet, that he used to annoy his family and friends. Bernie Brillstein was approached to see Fusco's audition with a puppet character but was initially uninterested, having managed Jim Henson for years, and regarding Henson as the best puppeteer in the business. However, Fusco's brief performance as ALF won over Brillstein, who thought the character was hilarious and strong enough to be the focus of a series. Fusco was notoriously secretive about his character up until the series' premiere. During the show's production, Fusco refused to acknowledge that the puppet ALF was anything other than an alien.
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