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In China, women had different kinds of clothes in ancient times. Those clothes changed with the dynasty. For examples, in the 1920s, the Cheongsam was fashionable among socialites and upperclass women, during the 1960s, very austere clothing styles were prevalent, today, a wide variety of fashions are worn. Different provinces and regions of China also have different clothing styles. In Qin and Han dynasties, women usually wore loose clothes with long, large, sleeves. Under the long skirt was a pair of high-heeled clogs, usually with some embroidery on them. There was usually a scarf called Jinguo () wrapped on the arm of a noble woman, while ordinary or poor women had no decoration on their arms. As time passed by, the coat tended to be shorter and the skirt became longer. Noble women even needed maids help to lift up the skirts, to avoid the skirts being stained by the ground. In Sui and Tang dynasties, womens clothes had a trend of being more open.
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