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The following are some of the notable adaptations of the Robin Hood story in film and television. Robin Hood, English-language live-action films and television series = Theatrical shorts =1908: Robin Hood and His Merry Men, a silent film directed by Percy Stow, and the first appearance of Robin Hood on the screen. 1912: Robin Hood, a silent film starring Robert Frazer as Robin Hood. 1912: Robin Hood Outlawed, a British silent film starring A. Brian Plant as Robin Hood. 1913: Robin Hood, a silent film starring William Russell as Robin Hood. 1913: In the Days of Robin Hood, a British short film starring Harry Agar Lyons as Robin Hood. = Theatrical features =1922: Robin Hood, a silent film starring Douglas Fairbanks. 1938: The Adventures of Robin Hood, starring Errol Flynn as Robin Hood, his most acclaimed role, with Olivia de Havilland as Maid Marian, Eugene Pallette as Friar Tuck, Alan Hale, Sr. as Little John, Basil Rathbone as Guy of Gisborne, Claude Rains as Prince John, Patric Knowles as Will Scarlet, Melville Cooper as the Sheriff of Nottingham, and Ian Hunter as Richard I of England. Considered by many to be the best Robin Hood movie.
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