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Manges (, Greek: [ma()es], sing. : mangas, [ma()as]) is the name of a social group in the Belle poque era's counterculture of Greece (especially of the great urban centers: Athens, Piraeus, and Thessaloniki). The nearest English equivalent to the term 'mangas' is wide boy, or spiv. Mangas was a label for men belonging to the working class, behaving in a particularly arrogant/presumptuous way, and dressing with a very typical vesture composed of a woolen hat (kavouraki, ), a jacket (they usually wore only one of its sleeves), a tight belt (used as a knife case), stripe pants, and pointy shoes. Other features of their appearance were their long moustache, their bead chaplets (, sing. ), and their idiosyncratic manneristic limp-walking ( ). A related social group were the Koutsavakides (, sing. ), the two terms are occasionally used interchangeably. Manges are also notable for being closely associated to the history of Rebetiko. Etymology The three most probable etymologies of the word Mangas are the following:From the Turkish manga 'small military troop' via Albanian mang. From the Latin manica (from the same root as Modern Greek 'sleeve') 'hand-related' (cf. the sound change from the Latin manicus to the Spanish mango 'handle').
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