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Chip and Dale (also spelled Chip 'n' Dale or Chip an' Dale) are a duo of cartoon characters created in 1943 by The Walt Disney Company. As anthropomorphic chipmunk brothers, their names are a pun on the name of the 18th-century cabinet maker and furniture designer Thomas Chippendale. This was suggested by Bill 'Tex' Henson, a story artist at the studio. The characters were first introduced in the 1943 Pluto short Private Pluto, directed by Clyde Geronimi, in which they fight with Pluto about whether they can store their nuts in a military base cannon. Three years later, director Jack Hannah decided to use them as co-stars in Donald Duck shorts. Hannah said:'I believe Gerry Geronimi did a picture with two impish little chipmunks that just squeaked and chattered with a speeded-up soundtrack but no words. He used them with Pluto... I wanted to use them with the Duck but with a little more personality in them. So we decided to put words into their mouths but speed 'em up so you could just barely understand them... We gave them both the same personality but something was missing.
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