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Barbapapa is a 1970 children's picture book by the French-American couple Annette Tison and Talus Taylor, who lived in Paris, France. Barbapapa is both the title character and the name of his 'species'. The book was the first of a series of children's books originally written in French and later translated into over 30 languages. Barbe papa literally 'Daddy's beard' is French for cotton candy or candy floss. Background The inspiration for Barbapapa came by chance in the Luxembourg Garden in Paris one day in May 1970. While walking in the park with Annette Tison, Talus Taylor thought he heard a child ask his parents for something called 'Baa baa baa baa'. Not speaking French, he asked Tison what the words meant. She explained that the child was asking for a treat called Barbe papa (cotton candy, literally 'daddy's beard'). Later at a restaurant, the couple began to draw on the tablecloth, and came up with a character inspired by the candy: a pink and round character. When it came time to give it a name, Barbapapa came naturally. Several European publishers expressed interest in Barbapapa but did not wish to spend the publishing cost. Frank Fehmers, a Dutch publisher, subsequently set up a co-production and the first editions were published in 1970.
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