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A wok (Chinese: , Standard Chinese: hu, Cantonese wohk) is a deep round-bottomed cooking pot that originated in China. It is common in China and similar pans are found in parts of East, South and Southeast Asia, as well as becoming popular in other parts of the world. Woks are used in a range of Chinese cooking techniques, including stir frying, steaming, pan frying, deep frying, poaching, boiling, braising, searing, stewing, making soup, smoking and roasting nuts. Wok cooking is often done with utensils called chn (spatula) or bio (ladle) whose long handles protect cooks from high heat. The uniqueness of wok cooking is conveyed by the Cantonese term wok hei: 'breath of the wok'. The wok has a long history in China. It is thought to have been introduced during the Han dynasty of China, where it was first used to dry grains. It was during the Ming dynasty of China that the wok became popularly used for stir frying. Etymology In his 1988 book The Food of China, E. N. Anderson writes about the possible origin of the word:Wok is a Cantonese word, the Mandarin is Kuo. The wok appears to be a rather recent acquisition as Chinese kitchen furniture goes, it has been around for only two thousand years.
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