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Various student characters attend the fictional school South Park Elementary in the animated television show South Park. The school is one of the most prominent settings on the show, the narrative of which revolves mostly around the students. While a few characters from varying grades have been depicted in recurring minor roles, the students in the fourth gradeincluding central characters Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, and Eric Cartmanreceive the primary focus of the series. The fourth grade class is taught throughout most of the series by Mr. Garrison, with a hiatus between seasons 4 and 6 when he is replaced by Ms. Choksondik. These students also attended class under Mr. Garrison during their previous time as third graders during South Park's first three-and-a-half seasons. In tradition with the show's cutout animation style, all characters listed below are composed of simple geometrical shapes and bright colors. Ever since the show's second episode, 'Weight Gain 4000' (season one, 1997), all characters on South Park have been animated with computer software, though they are portrayed to give the impression that the show still utilizes the method of animating construction paper composition cutouts through the use of stop motion, which was the technique used in creating the show's first episode, 'Cartman Gets an Anal Probe'. In addition to the main characters, other students below will sometimes give a brief monologue as a means of expressing the lessons they have attained during the course of an episode.
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