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A crow is a bird of the genus Corvus, or more broadly a synonym for all of Corvus. The word 'crow' is used as part of the common name of species including:Corvus albus pied crow (Central African coasts to southern Africa)Corvus bennetti little crow (Australia)Corvus brachyrhynchos American crow (United States, southern Canada, northern Mexico)Corvus capensis Cape crow or Cape rook (Eastern and southern Africa)Corvus cornix hooded crow (Northern and Eastern Europe and Northern Africa)Corvus corone carrion crow (Europe and eastern Asia)Corvus culminatus Indian jungle crowCorvus edithae Somali crow or dwarf raven (eastern Africa)Corvus enca slender-billed crow (Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia)Corvus florensis Flores crow (Flores Island)Corvus fuscicapillus brown-headed crow (New Guinea)Corvus hawaiiensis (formerly C. tropicus) Hawaiian crow (Hawaii)Corvus imparatus Tamaulipas crow (Gulf of Mexico coast)Corvus insularis Bismarck crow (Bismarck Archipelago, Papua New Guinea)Corvus jamaicensis Jamaican crow (Jamaica)Corvus kubaryi Mariana crow or aga (Guam, Rota)Corvus leucognaphalus white-necked crow (Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico)Corvus levaillantii eastern jungle crow (India, Burma)Corvus macrorhynchos large-billed crowCorvus meeki Bougainville crow or Solomon Islands crow (Papua New Guinea, Northern Solomon Islands)Corvus moneduloides New Caledonian crow (New Caledonia, Loyalty Islands)Corvus nasicus Cuban crow (Cuba, Isla de la Juventud, Grand Caicos Island)Corvus orru Torresian crow or Australian crow (Australia, New Guinea and nearby islands)Corvus ossifragus fish crow (Southeastern U. S. coast)Corvus palmarum palm crow (Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic)Corvus sinaloae Sinaloa crow (Pacific coast from Sonora to Colima)Corvus splendens house crow or Indian house crow (Indian subcontinent, Middle East, east Africa)Corvus torquatus collared crow (Eastern China, south into Vietnam)Corvus tristis grey crow or Bare-faced crow (New Guinea and neighboring islands)Corvus typicus piping crow or Celebes pied crow (Sulawesi, Muna, Butung)Corvus unicolor Banggai crow (Banggai Island)Corvus validus long-billed crow (Northern Moluccas)Corvus violaceus violet crow (Seram) recent split from slender-billed crowCorvus woodfordi white-billed crow or Solomon Islands crow (Solomon Islands) See also JackdawRavenRook Further reading Franklin Coombs (1978). The Crows: A Study of the Corvids of Europe. Batsford. ISBN 9780713413274.
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