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The Cairn Terrier is a terrier breed originating in the Scottish Highlands and recognized as one of Scotland's earliest working dogs. The breed was given the name Cairn because the breed's function was to hunt and chase quarry between the cairns in the Scottish highlands. Although the breed had existed long before, the name Cairn Terrier was a compromise suggestion after the breed originally was brought to official shows in the United Kingdom in 1909 under the name Short-haired Skye terriers. This name was not acceptable to The Kennel Club due to opposition from Skye Terrier breeders, and the name Cairn Terrier was suggested as an alternative. They are usually left-pawed, which has been shown in dogs to correlate to superior performance in tasks related to scent. Cairn terriers are ratters. Cairns originated in the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Skye, initially grouped in the 'Skye Terrier' class alongside the Scottish and West Highland White Terriers. In the early 1900s, the three breeds began to be bred separately. The Kennel Club of the United Kingdom gave the Cairn Terrier a separate register in 1912, the first year of recognition, 134 were registered, and it was in that year that the breed was given Championship status. Description The Cairn Terrier has a harsh weather-resistant outer coat that can be black, cream, wheaten, red, sandy, gray, or brindled in any of these colors.
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